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On Wildharvesting

By Carolina Gonzalez

[Snip] Wildharvesting is a harder job than people imagine. First, we need to locate the herbs/plants/trees in areas that are not too close to roads, and cars emit heavy metals that plants absorb, and obviously you don’t want heavy metals in your herbal tea. Then, we must locate a place that has several plants of the same type, so we can get a good amount without decimating them or altering the natural equilibrium of the area. That, of course, requires that you know where and how to prune without killing the plant.

The preparation for wildharvesting is not an on-the-go thing either. Besides bags and cutting/digging tools, we must always include several offerings for the Spirits of the Land, and since we wildharvest in several areas on each trip, offerings are separated in portions for each area. The offerings must be 100% biodegradable, and not be poisonous for any local fauna. Fruits, bird seeds, grains, bread, milk and honey are bagged/bottled and added to the wildharvesting bag, and our 20-year-old car is revised before every trip.

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