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Dwelling on the Threshold, by Sara Kate Istra Winter

Reflections of a Spirit-Worker and Devotional Polytheist

Reviewed by Jennifer Lawrence

There aren’t currently enough books available on spirit-work; more to the point, there aren’t enough good books on spirit-work available, either. And in this tome, you won’t find a good book.

It’s a great one.

A practitioner of spirit work and devotional polytheism for too many years to count, Sarah Winter — known online as Dver — here lays out, in multiple essays, some of the most sage advice for newly-fledged spirit-workers every to be relayed outside of close, deeply-personal mentor-student relationship. Many of her essays were originally published at her blog, A Forest Door, and have since been updated and revised for publication in this book. Poetry, ritual, practice, and prayer come together in a work that is unique among modern pagan/polytheist books.

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