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Why Support Pagan Shops?

By Patti Wigington

Many towns and cities are home to Pagan shops, but unfortunately they tend to come and go. It’s a rare Pagan shop indeed that lasts more than a few years – your favorite store may be there one day, and vanish the next. That’s partly because, like any small independent business – a locally-run Pagan shop depends on local customers for its livelihood. If customers don’t patronize these shops, they vanish, because it’s not cost-effective to run a business that’s doesn’t make a profit. Here are five reasons you should support local Pagan businesses if possible:

– Local businesses build the local economy. It’s a no-brainer that local businesses help the economy in their community, because eventually they hire other people to do things for them. If you’re opening up a small Pagan shop, you might be employing painters, an electrician, a sign-maker, and so forth. If you sell items on consignment, you can help other local vendors to make money as well. Prosperity has a ripple effect.

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