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Stages of Personal Growth in Asatru

By Steve McNallen

Over the years I have observed a general pattern of development for people entering Asatru. This is still a work in progress and I may modify it over time, but I think it’s basically valid. Not all people will undergo each stage, however.

Step 1 is “believing in believing” in the Gods. In this stage, we think that it would be good to believe in the Gods and Goddesses, but never commit. Some of us may play a sort of game with ourselves and with those around them by going through the motions, but deep inside they think it’s all an elaborate game. Others are simply honest atheists who happen to like the idea of the Gods.

Step 2 is believing in the Gods. We have decided the Holy Powers, whatever our interpretation of them, are real. We read the myths and call on the Gods in daily life. We pour libations to them, give blot, and keep the Holy Tides. However, the full implications of being Asatru has not yet dawned on us. We “talk the talk” but haven’t even thought about “walking the walk.”

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