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Druid Thoughts: Is There Really a Devil?

By Nimue Brown

Pagans are frequently asked if we worship the Devil, and it’s not unusual for more hostile and fundamentalist followers of monotheism to assume that’s what we are about. There is that whole business with the Goat Footed God, after all. A lot of Pagans will tell you that the Devil has nothing to do with Paganism. Some will tell you that the Christians appropriated nature gods like Pan and Herne to make their hate figure – mostly to put the old Pagans out of business. For most Pagans, the Devil is part of a Christian pantheon, and doesn’t have much to do with us.

Nature worshipers know that good and evil are relative concepts. Good for the hound is evil for the hare. Good for the growing fox cubs is evil for the diminished duck family they feed on. Actions have consequences for well or woe, and a lot of what we get is informed by what we think it means in the first place.

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