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Starry Eye, Starry I

By Ivo Domínguez, Jr

This will be the first in a series of blogs that will focus on contemplative practices in Paganism and their role in developing ourselves, our relationship to the universe, and our communities. I will also be exploring different ideas related to soul, spirit, evolution, and enlightenment.

[Snip] Let us start with the mind. The Middle Self is the domain of what we commonly call mind and as such is the mode of being that you are using to read this blog. It is the starting point for our work as incarnate beings and is the mode that we return to upon the completion of contemplative, spiritual, and magickal work. Because of the habit of the normal that we have assiduously strengthened with the vast majority of our actions in mundane life, and in our carefully schooled perceptions, the Middle Self is one of our greatest obstacles to experiencing the subtle realms. But when the Middle Self functions as Higher Mind, which includes and does not negate normal waking consciousness, then the Middle Self becomes the cohesive center that makes true integration and presence in the other realms possible. There are methods that temporarily put the focus and the grasp of the mind in a temporary state of quiescence that are used as a quick fix for poor habits of consciousness. This may result in a more immediate gratification of the desire for spiritual and magickal experiences but ultimately they are a starting point and take you no further.

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