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Seven Tips for Tarot Interpretation

By Barbara Moore

[Snip] Because any one tarot card has such a wide variety of meanings, these are tips I use to zero in on the right one for any particular reading. My list only has 7 because that’s all I have and I didn’t want to make things up just to have 10, even though that would have been nicer.

1. Consider the basic card meaning. For me, this is almost always the starting point for interpreting a card, although it often happens simultaneously with the next two.

2. Consider the card position. This is especially helpful if the position is something like “negative influences,” “something to avoid,” or “roadblock.” These would lead me to look to the negative extreme of a card meaning first. It is not a guarantee that you should go with the negative extreme, but it leans that way. Conversely, something like “positive influences” or “advice” would lead me to consider the positive extreme of a card first.

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