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The Old Ones in the Old Book, by Philip West

Pagan Roots of the Hebrew Old Testament

Reviewed by The Granovitch

[Snip] There are different strands of the Bible. There is the Priestly strand, there is the J strand , E Strand and the prophet . Each set of authors had a different perspective and name for god. The first part of Genesis calls god Elohim, the J calls him Yahweh.

The bible was put together during the Babylonian exile and was used to promote a monotheistic god who was kind, loving and wise . The first Israelite were polytheistic or at least henotheistic.

Philip West subscribed to the view that the Israelite left Egypt and became acquainted with Yahweh, the Midian storm god of the desert. He controlled weather to get the Israelites out of Egypt.But at that time he was not alone. Examples of magic are used where on staffs turn to serpents and Moses holds up his hands to have his army be victorious. If his hand fall his army begins to lose. They also use a bronze image of a serpent to cure it’d venom. The circumcision ceremony may have bee protective magic.

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