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A Question on Cultus

By Galina Krasskova

In response to my call for questions, Keith asks:

“I’m struggling with the complexities of honoring a Power for whom no modern cultus exists, even though she has been widely acknowledged both openly and via nationally-specific epithets for at least the last few centuries.

[Snip] Perhaps I’m over complicating things or being stupidly head-blind again, but do you have suggestions for those who find themselves trying to create a devotional practice in the absence of a “handbook”, so-to-speak?”

Well, in a way I think you are fortunate. You’re in a position that forces you to seek out direct devotional experience. That is an opportunity to root your veneration and practices in a bone and soul deep knowing rather than on the vagaries of theories or the brittle condensation of the written word (which can be useful as a guide, but is all too often taken as inviolable authority).

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