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Keeping A Hallowed Yule

By Uncle Thor

Both our religious and our national holidays have common purposes. The traditional holidays originated for two reasons. First, they were meant to commemorate certain events or people. Second, they were intended as occasions for people to come together. Both certainly apply to seasonal holidays such as Thanksgiving and Yule. Likewise, those were the original intentions of the Christmas and Hanukkah holidays of our Christian and Jewish friends.

Among us are fellow Heathens and Pagans why decry the fact that conventional society pays little attention to our celebration of Yule. Perhaps it is for the better. We are spared the glut of gaudy decorations and merchandising madness which would surely be generated. Look at the garish Christmas and Hanukkahs decoration and ask yourself if you would want to see similar items marketed for Yule. Perhaps we are spared the tackiness and the incessant urges to spend.

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