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Invoking Deities with Tarot

By Christiana Gaudet

One of the most powerful aspects of ritual work is invocation. To invoke an element, a spirit or a deity is to bring their energy to your circle, and to bring their healing magickal power to yourself.

Many Pagans use statues, images and altar tools to help with the process of invocation. To have the image of a deity on your altar not only honors the deity, it assists in invoking the energy of that deity.

We choose specific deities to invoke for specific reasons. Some of us invoke specific deities on certain holidays. It is also helpful to invoke a deity based on your specific need. A mother Goddess like Quan Yin might be helpful if you are doing fertility magick, for instance. A God associated with animals, like Cernuous, might be helpful in the healing of a pet. A Goddess of prosperity like Lakshmi might help with financial issues.

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