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Maiden, Mother, Who?!

A Discussion of the Triple Goddess

By Fire Lyte

[Snip] What if, as a female, you don’t relate to the maiden/mother/crone archetype? Plenty of Pagans choose to remain happily childless and sometimes it feels like being in “nowhere land”; not a maiden, nor mother, yet to be a crone. I have my personal opinion on this archetype, but I would love to hear both your ideas about the triple goddess as far as factual research and history go and whether or not these archetypes really matter since many of us do not have children for a variety of reasons.

I wrote a well-received article back in January of 2010 titled ‘The Gays and Paganism’ in which I, as a gay Pagan man, attempted to answer the often asked question of whether or not gay and lesbian people can truly relate to the Wiccan/NeoPagan concepts of the divine. Now, many Pagans out there, myself included, say that they are not Wiccan. I tried it in college, but it wasn’t for me. However, I’ll go out on a limb here and suggest that for all of our collective “I’m not Wiccan” talk, much of what NeoPaganism has become, and much of what our individual practices are influenced by, is due to Wicca. The Wiccan concepts of Divine Mother and Father have quite a lot, as do many other religions and pantheons, to do with the concept of creation, and it was that concept that I spent so much time defending in that article in 2010:

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