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November 2013
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Nature’s Not So Finer Forces

By Donald Michael Kraig

In Israel Regardie‘s The Golden Dawn, there is a paper entitled “The Tattwas of the Eastern School.” It was addressed to the members of the Philosophus Grade of the Order by Frater De Profundis ad Lucem (Latin for “From the depths to the light,” the motto of Frederick Leigh Gardner, 1857–1930). It was dated August, 1894. This document was withdrawn from circulation within the branch of the Golden Dawn into which Regardie had been initiated (the Stella Matutina), but continued to be given to members of the American branch of the Order, as well as to those who remained loyal to co-founder Macgregor Mathers after the Order’s schism in the early 1900s.

There are some other instructions on using the Tattwas and the changing energies of the Tattwas (traditionally known as the Tattwic or Tattvic Tides, although that expression was not used in this document) in The Golden Dawn, but this paper is the most elaborate discussion of the subject. Regardie called the Tattwas an “alien system” and stated he believed the concepts didn’t mix well with the Western systems that are combined within the Golden Dawn. The concepts and practices surrounding the Tattwas come from ancient India.

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