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What Sort of Stereotypical Hermetic Student Are You?

By Nick Farrell

Hermetic groups are packed with lots of different types of people, but you start to notice a few stereotypes. Here is my list, it is not complete and not to be taken seriously.

The Tourist

The Tourist joins lots of different groups and never settles with one. They can be trying their hands at Tantra at one moment and crystals the next. They never get anywhere and would be better off being muggles. They have strong opinions about the niceness of the world because they never tend to hang around long enough to see its dark-side.

The Pendant

Do not tend to stay long in esoteric groups because none of them match their exacting standards. Feel that a group is defined by the punctuation in its course material and will often ask questions that they already know the answer too. Will get pissy if the answer comes back as something they are not expecting. Most likely to be thrown out of a group by a frustrated group leader fed up with having to explain why when he provided the complete secrets of the infinity he boldly split an infinitive.

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