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The Hidden Factor of Magick

By Donald Michael Kraig

“Will this ritual or spell really work?”

There are really only two possible answer to this question: “No” or “I don’t know.”

There are some rituals and spells that have no rhyme or reason to them. They don’t work. Or at best you get something out of them in spite of the ritual. So in some cases, the answer as to whether a spell or ritual will work is simply, “No.”

But there are other instances where the spell or ritual is well designed and has worked for some people in the past. Logically, it should work for other people, but many times it simply doesn’t work. And that brings me back to the original question. The truth is, nobody cares whether a ritual or spell will work. What they really want to ask is, “Will this ritual or spell really work for me?” And the only honest answer is that “I don’t know.”

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