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This…is a blog post.

By Sunna Blalock

This…is a blog post.

It is a collection of words shaped by pixels on a screen composed of a mixture of lead, mercury, phosphorus, metal semiconductors, gallium arsenide, and polarized crystal-coated glass in varying quantity based on whether you have an LED or LCD screen.

It is easily ignored by simply clicking away from this blog.

[Snip] Why am I posting this on my Dedicant Blog? Because since beginning the Dedicant Program and wading back into the waters of the wider Pagan community from my “semi-retirement” I began in 2006, I have noticed an increasing number of people placing great weight on what some Big Name Pagan™ (whether self-styled or not) has to say about how you (the reader) should practise your spirituality based on their practises and how you measure up to their scale of accepted Pagan-ness. Sometimes, they target a specific group of Pagans; sometimes, they critique Pagans as a whole. And the general roll call of perceived lack as stated by these Big Name Pagans™ generally runs as follows (I’m going to paraphrase here greatly). Some of you will doubtless be able to pick out specific bloggers you’ve encountered from these paraphrases alone:

– [Fill in the blank with group of choice] aren’t showing as much religious/spiritual devotion as I do, therefore they suck.
– Solitaries suck.
– Groups suck.
– If you have a henotheistic relationship with the Gods, you suck.
– If you’re a soft polytheist, you suck.
– If you’re a hard polytheist, you suck.

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