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The Wisdom of the Shire, by Noble Smith

Reviewed by Hunter Liguore

A new book has come to the shire filled with all the wisdom one could want to live a Hobbit-like life. It’s called, Wisdom of the Shire: A short Guide to a Long and Happy Life, by Noble Smith. At first glance it looks like another marketing ploy to get a piece of the Tolkien money-pie, but with a second glance, you can see Smith delve into the principles of a good life that Tolkien envisioned, that can ultimately be evoked today.

For the Pagan audience, it’s a treasure of ideas to continue cultivating a connected life with the natural world, for eating local foods, for gardening and sharing in community and honoring the seasons.

In chapter one, “How Snug is Your Hobbit-Hole?” Smith explores the tight-knit community in the shire, pointing out how everything was made by hand. Smith asks, “When did we all become so helpless that we stopped learning how to make or fix the simplest things?” But change is right at our fingertips, whether through Upcycling, the trend of making useable goods out of waste products, or by making your home a little more Hobbit friendly. Ultimately, the wisdom of the shire teaches us that “your true home is inside your heart and stays with you wherever you go …”

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