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The Horned Altar: Rediscovering and Rekindling Canaanite Magic

Reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan

Natib Qadish is one name for modern Canaanite polytheism, a revived path based on the traditions and literature of one ancient Near Eastern culture. Most familiar to people today as the villains of the Hebrew Testament, the Canaanites were, in fact, skilled farmers and warriors, practitioners of magic and divination, lovers of poetry and food, and devoted to their Gods.

Tess Dawson, one of the most prolific Natib Qadish revivalists, first came to my attention several years ago with the release of Whisper of Stone. Besides her blog here at PaganSquare, Baal’s Cedar, she also runs the Canaanite Path site and the Natib Qadish FaceBook page. Additionally — full disclosure here — she is the editor of Anointed: A Devotional Anthology for the Deities of the Near and Middle East (Bibliotheca Alexandrina), where I serve as EiC.

Tess’ many writings have left me with the distinct impression that, if were not Hellenic, I would definitely be Canaanite. I love the sounds of the language, the names and myths of the Deities, the festivals, and — it turns out — the magic.

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