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Not Tonight Honey

By Kathy Gruver

Headaches have been plaguing humans, probably since humans have been in existence. And though they do offer a traditional excuse for avoiding intimacy, headaches can also interfere with daily functioning and take the joy out of life. According to the National Headache Association:

• 45% of respondents missed at least 5 family or social events in the last year because of a headache
• Nearly 30% have missed up to 5 days of work each month due to headache
• 25% of respondents reported that their coworkers resent the time they spend away from work due to a headache
• 20% of respondents reported their family and friends tend to resent them for missing events because of headaches
And an average o $1500/year is being spent on prescriptions not to mention over the counter drugs like Advil and Excedrin Migraine.

Here are some causes and solutions for that pain in the head that you might not have thought of.

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