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Turnabout is (Relatively) Fair Play

By Galina Krasskova

[Snip] Several people [have] repeatedly protested that my work makes their lives difficult, it creates problems for them most especially when someone looks up their religion online, finds me (and my colleagues) and then assumes that they practice similarly. Ostensibly then, they’re forced to explain that no, this isn’t what they do and they don’t want any of that talking to Gods shit, or some such.

know what i say to that? Too fucking bad.

Your narrow minded, fundamentalist attitudes make my life more difficult too. It’s embarrassing. I have to deal with people new to the religion, coming to me after having encountered one of you and your small minded, knee-jerk responses, who fears that YOU represent the attitudes of all Heathens. I have to deal with people who look at you and see the worst sort of fundamentalist Protestantism, with its fetishization of the written word, its fear of experience and mess, it’s pathologizing of mystical traditions, its demand for orthodoxy and vilification of anything smacking of “heresy” –only here with a thin polytheistic veneer slapped on top and think that this is all Heathenry is. I have to deal with people more interested in spirituality and devotion than in kissing any community’s ass who wonder what on earth is wrong with contemporary Heathenry that it’s more like a social clique than a religion. I am forced to deal with people who feel that they have to choose between honoring the wishes of their Gods, and abandoning their devotion to fit into what you describe as a ‘community.’

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