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No, I Will Not Take Cakes and Ale from Your Styrofoam Cup

By Shauna Aura Knight

If activism is about standing up, then I’m pulling out my soap box and standing on it. Sometimes activism is holding boundaries and saying no. If you offer me cakes and ale in a plastic, Styrofoam, or otherwise disposable cup, I will not take it.


I will not add to the huge load our Earth is already groaning under. I will not stand and silently support the hypocrisy of supposedly Earth-centered folks who toss out ecological sustainability when it’s inconvenient.

[Snip] Privilege is not about race, sexuality, or money–though, that is a core part of it. Privilege is the blinders that we have on to our own impact; it’s the things we have access to that others don’t. It’s when we take things for granted. Environmentalism is a lot about privilege. Others have pointed out that those who have access to resources like food, water, and health care, have privileges that others do not. Taking that further, those of us who use resources–and who misuse those resources–are coming from a place of privilege.

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