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Druid Thoughts: Beyond Novicehood

By Nimue Brown

When you start out as a Pagan, or as a follower of any Pagan path, it’s not difficult to find reading material, both online and in the form of books. While some of that can be contradictory and confusing, on the whole getting started is not that difficult these days. Then comes a point when the books start to feel a bit samey, you run continually into the same references. Yet another rough guide to the Wheel of the Year. Yet another quick list of standard deities. You may at this point start to wonder what on earth to do. Is this it? Where are all the mind-expanding secrets? Where’s the long-awaited ancient wisdom?

You can’t get everything by reading. There comes a time when the novice has to make a jump and start doing. Not just replicating simple rituals out of books, but exploring ways of being and doing. You have to take the inspiration in what you’ve found, and run with it on your own terms. It’s possible to go anywhere, doing that. After all, any Pagan practice is nothing more than a good idea someone once had. The older it is the more tested it may be, but also the greater the risk that it isn’t wholly relevant.

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