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Time to Listen to Your Intuition

By Donald Michael Kraig

Over a decade ago I was feeling frustrated over seeing the way most Westerners thought about Tantra. If you’re like most people, Tantra is “that sex stuff.” Or perhaps you know a bit more about it and thought that it was all about sacred sexuality and extending periods of sexual bliss. In fact, Traditional Tantra consists of some of the oldest, continually practiced Pagan traditions in the world. To say that Tantra is just about sex is like saying Wicca is just about the Great Rite or that the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, the worlds fastest production car, is just about its gas cap.

There really is so much more to Wicca, to the Bugatti, and to Tantra. The question in my mind was, “What could I do to make people more aware of the breadth of Traditional Tantra?”

My mind went back to an old story about the Tarot cards. Supposedly, some wise people knew that a great deal of spiritual wisdom would be lost in the coming centuries. To protect that wisdom, they hid the knowledge within a tool—a deck of cards—that could be used for gambling. These people realized that knowledge may come and go but gambling was here to stay. So I thought I’d design a Tarot deck based upon the ancient concept of what I now call “Real Tantra.” This is not to say that other concepts presented as Tantra aren’t real, only that there is a form of Tantra that is much older and more complete.

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