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Pagans, Politics, and Values

By Gus diZerega

How might our Paganism influence our politics? A post I wrote before the election, was recently rebuked because I supposedly had no respect for nearly half the American people. Supposedly my views were alien to the Wiccan rede. I disagree as will be obvious, but my basic issue is not with the author, who I assume was sincere, but with a style of thought and the confusions it breeds. While this post begins with a political question to answer it I will take a journey through some theology and some philosophy.

How big a tent?

Two points argue for an immense political tent among Pagans and I agree with them both. First anyone can be a Pagan who claims to be one because there is no set of authorities to say you or I are or are not Pagans. That lack of authorities is a good thing in my view.

Second, historically Pagans have included those who cut the hearts from sacrificial victims as offerings to their deities as well as those who lived lives of principled peace. Some Pagans have been cannibals and others vegetarians. That’s a roomy set of practices. It is easy to be comfortable somewhere within those bounds.

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