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Happy August 1

By Carolina Gonzalez

Although we do not celebrate August 1 (or any other Sabbat) in a traditional way, mostly because for us there is no significant season change at the moment, we always give ourselves a little treat to celebrate the most special days of the Pagan community. Being online sellers, there is usually very little work on those special days, as our customers are gathering with covens, friends and family to celebrate – and being online sellers, the best treat we can give ourselves is a little “me” time.

One of the most powerful signs of August 1 in the northern hemisphere is, obviously, the Sun. For me, and for many others I’m sure, the Sun contains a strong symbolism of the physical and the material, as well as a powerful masculine energy, which also ties with the physical manifestation. So, our goal today – and tomorrow, I’m writing this on the evening of the 31 – is to give our physical bodies as much pampering as we can. First, through what we eat and drink, creating luscious and healing dishes and drinks; salads, smoothies, herbal teas, etc. Second, by giving our bodies love with beauty+healing treatments; a foot massage with olive oil, a hair mask with rosemary tea, etc. And third, by balancing resting and exercising and connecting with our roof garden, which provides with most of the herbs we have used today.

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