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Expanded Awareness

By Sterling

I wrote a while back about sitting in one spot for an hour at a time over the course of a year to meet the wildlife in your garden or a local park. Today I’d like to return to that to speak about finding the expanded awareness that will help you learn more about your wild neighbors. Think of this as a meditative practice that looks outward rather than in.

Start by sitting still in your chosen outdoor spot. Get comfortable. Try to sit up as straight as you can, so that you can breathe well and your internal organs aren’t squashed inside of you. Shift your hips so that you are sitting on your “sit bones” as yoga teachers say. Pull your shoulders up to your ears, roll them back until you feel a stretch, then let them settle downward into a resting position. Stretch your head from one side to the other, then let it sit straight. Find an alignment that feels well balanced.

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