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Rethinking Religion: Creation Stories

By Uncle Thor

The Creation stories of the various old religions range from bizarre to imaginative to cute. The one that dominates Western culture is the Biblical one found in the Book of Genesis. It states that God created the world in six days and set aside one day for rest. Religionists and metaphysicians have tried to connect the modern scientific story of creation with the Biblical one. Their attempts to connect science with the seven-stage creation myth fall short. Science has settled on its Big Bang theory and it has plenty of supporting evidence. Even if the theory eventually fails as a whole, there are many elements within it that have been proven. The excuses used to make the seven day creation fable match with science are inherently silly.

Other Creation stories are just as inaccurate. The Nordic lore has a conglomeration of several stories that some scribe tried to bundle as one consistent tale. There is one that described rivers magickal rivers flowing into a great gap and combining. Another tells of a great cow that licks a salt block to make a giant. The giant is then killed and dismembered by the first family of Gods. They make the world from parts of his body. A myth from the Yezidis of Kurdistan tells of a great peacock with a massive pearl on its back. The pearl splits and becomes the world, while rivers flowing from it become the seas.

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