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High Days – Unscripted

By Tressabelle

In a previous article I talked about how to celebrate High Days without a ritual, yet still with meaning and reverence. For this one I’ll be covering the middle ground; having a bit more structure; with an ADF ritual that flows organically, and is totally unscripted. I formulated this guide with solitaries and families in mind, and the rituals are to take place in the home- in the dining room area.

To do an unscripted ritual, the first thing you need to know is the structure of your ritual by heart. ADF ritual structure may seem quite complicated to new comers, but after you’ve done that type of ritual for a while, you will indeed see the logical order of it. You may find Druid Ritual Beads quite useful to keeping track of ritual sequence in the beginning, and if that still doesn’t help as much as you need, put off doing unscripted rituals until it comes naturally for you. You don’t need to memorize liturgy, but you may find it helpful if you have some favorite turns of phrases memorized, and I will go more into wordage below.

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