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The Full Spirited Four-Fold Goddess

The Maiden, the Mother, The Queen and the Crone

By Mama Donna Henes

The Queen paradigm promotes a new understanding of what it might mean to be a middle-aged woman today who accepts complete responsibility for and to her self, and it celebrates the physical, emotional, and spiritual rewards of doing so.

Although I have been passionately devoted to the Many Splendored Goddess in Her complex multiplicity for more than thirty years now, I am not a believer in the Triple Goddess paradigm. It has never resonated with me because it belies what I believe to be the true nature of nature. The Triple Goddess in Her tripartite phases is widely understood to represent the complete cyclical wholeness of life. She who is Three is likened to the moon, the tides and the seasons, whose mutability She mirrors. And therein, lies the rub.

I am sorry, but forty years of researching, teaching, and writing about Celestially Auspicious Occasions — the cycles of the cosmos and the earthly seasons, and the multi-cultural ritual expressions that they inspire — I can state unequivocally that the moon has four quarters, not three, and that there are, as well, four seasons in the year.

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1 comment to The Full Spirited Four-Fold Goddess

  • avatar Brigid Aednat

    Aye, 4 is a powerful number. Yet 3 also has its own power. It is the beginning, middle and end. There are no absolute time frames, no true definition of what a maiden, mother and crone are. If taken literally, then yes, I understand. However, if taken in more of a spiritual journey that is constant; the roles are ever-changing. The maiden is the beginning of a journey, the mother at the middle, and the crone at the end.