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Preparing Divination Tools for Use

By Tressabelle

When starting work with a new divination tool, it’s a good idea to take the time to prepare it for use. Even if you’re not a polytheist, you’ll want to cleanse and protect your divination tool from negative influences or energies –and if you are a polytheist, it simply means you believe those negative influences are malevolent or disruptive spirits (“Outsiders” we call them in Druidism). These steps can be used to prepare magical or spiritual tools as well…

The first step in this process is to physically cleanse the tool. For an item that’s water-proof (like a pendulum or a set of divination stones or sticks), you can simply hold the item under running water. For other things (like tarot cards, or anything paper-based), you can bury the item in salt, or pass through juniper smoke or sage smoke. If you use crystals, you can place your tool under a quartz or citrine crystal for a period of time that feels right. Another option is to bathe the item in sunlight. Whatever process you decide on, you may want to repeat it every now and then; when you feel that your readings have been off, of if you’ve moved to a new residence, or if the item was lost or handled a lot by someone else, or not used in a long time.

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