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The Age of Blog (Or: Are We That Important?)

By Fire Lyte

What’s the importance of pagan blogs? This is a question posed by blogger Teo Bishop (Bishop in the Grove) on his Facebook feed yesterday. It came about because of a sentiment expressed at Pantheacon by pagan blogger Jason Mankey (Raise the Horns on Patheos) that in the grand scheme of pagandom, pagan bloggers aren’t that big of a deal. No word yet on whether pagan podcasters rank in the realm of influence for Mr. Mankey.

I shared the question on my Facebook feed as well to mixed reaction. Some said that it was the content of the blog that weighed meritous or not. Other folks, like Sophia of Divine Community, agreed with the sentiment, stating that ‘the vast majority of Pagans have no idea what’s going on in the blogosphere.’ But it was Rommy Driks who shared what would most likely be my reaction: yes and no.
See, Rioters, the thing is our community is small. Really small. But, it’s still a community. There’s still somewhere between a few hundred thousand, upwards of a million of us in the United States alone. Spread out amongst over 313 million people, that’s not a lot, but it’s still a sizable number. Nothing to sneeze at.

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