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Practical Qabalah: An Evolutionary Process

By Frater Barrabbas

Why would anyone bother to learn the Qabalah, you might ask? What could you possibly gain by studying such a complicated and obscure occult system? Is it even relevant in these post-modern times? Is it relevant to someone who isn’t a Christian or a Jew? These are compelling questions, and they require some straightforward answers. Perhaps the greatest use and importance of the Qabalah is that it makes order out of chaos. It takes a large volume of unrelated and seemingly disassociated occult data and produces an ordered and related system, one that also imparts information about the relationships between these various items.

Additionally, the ordering and relating of this occult data has its own powerful effect, including the enlivening of all of the symbols contained within it. Its overall structure becomes iconic, assuming the shape of a veritable archetype that represents the holistic and empowered union of all of its internal parts. It is also a system and a methodology that is not wed to any particular faith or religious creed, since it seems to be able to accommodate them all.

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