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Relationships and Your Natal Lunar Phase

By April Elliott Kent

When I began studying astrology, I imagined that sexy Venus and passionate Mars held the secrets to understanding love. After all, most youthful dreams of future soul mates feature torrid tangos of passion and enthrallment. The notion of ending up in a relationship like Mom and Dad’s—so little kissing, so much bill-paying!—tends to fill idealistic young hearts with horror. And yet, more often than not, when we finally settle down into a committed partnership, we find ourselves reenacting much of what we saw our parents doing in their relationship.

Decades later, a career spent studying the astrology of relationships (not to mention seventeen years of marriage) has taught me that there are really two different narratives that underscore every romantic partnership. One, driven by the passionate eroticism of sexual chemistry, certainly does seem to be reflected in the astrology of Venus and Mars. But the other, a quieter tale of compatible temperaments and united purpose, seems better illustrated by the astrological connection between the Sun and Moon.

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