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The Modern Sacrifice of Animals in Hellenismos

By Elani Temperance

Okay, before someone goes off about animal rights, this is not a post to promote animal cruelty of any kind. This is also not a post to promote taking a knife to some poor goat’s neck and ending his life. Thirdly, this is also not a post to encourage anyone to break the law. This is going to be an open discussion to try and find a way to bring animal sacrifice back to Hellenismos (because, yes, I feel it has a place there), but do so without infringing on any of the points listed above.

It’s been a while since I went on about animal sacrifice. I must return to it, however, because it was a major part of the Hellenic religion for centuries, and as a Recon of that religion, I feel the need to find a way to incorporate it in modern practice. Your milage may vary, and that is fine. I understand the hesitation, and if the thought of animal sacrifice makes you somewhat queasy, please feel free to come back tomorrow.

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