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Kemeticism Is Like a Fandom

By Devo

[Snip] It seems to me that the Kemetic community (if you wish to call it that) is a lot like a fandom. In any given fandom, you tend to have people who believe that the books are better than the movie. You have people who think that you aren’t a true fan unless you’ve read all of the books. There are those who are content to only watch the movies. There are those who like to take the original content and work with it- creating things like fan fic. You have those who take multiple series who mesh them together into one broad spectrum, multi-fandom alternate reality type thing. And you probably have people who write fanfic or make art about a series that they’ve not even read or seen it in its entirety.

If you take this into a Kemetic frame: your people who believe in only the books might be considered recons. You have people who are content to only work with the movies- they might be Tamerans. You have those who dabble with the books and the movies- maybe they are revivalists. And you have those who create the multi-fandom alternate reality things- maybe those are your eclectics.

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