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Via Deorum

By John Beckett

[Snip] The thing that I am advocating for us all to do is to rebuild the cult of the gods. All of them. All of them we know. For every person who has a direct connection with a or many deities to rebuilt their cult, establish it again in the world, continue . . . → Read More: Via Deorum

The Mandrake and the Ancient World

By R.K. Harrison

The mandrake is one of the plants which still grows widely in the Middle East, and which has claimed magical associations from a very remote period. It is generally assigned the botanical name of Mandragora officinarum L.. and is a perennial of the order Solanaceae. It claims affinity with the potato and . . . → Read More: The Mandrake and the Ancient World

Beltane Countdown: Liminal Time and Space

By Deanne Quarrie

The word liminal comes from the Latin word limen, meaning “a threshold.” The word threshold has several definitions. It can be the sill of a doorway or the entrance of a building. Ultimately, it means any place of point of entering or beginning. In psychology the term limen means the point at . . . → Read More: Beltane Countdown: Liminal Time and Space

Slow Down

By Gefnsdottir

If I was in a position to give advice to any newbie Pagan (of any sort), my advice would be this: slow down.

This is good advice for many areas of life, especially when you’re trying something new. There’s a desire to do and see it all, and do it yesterday, but I’d . . . → Read More: Slow Down

Freyja’s Cats

Perspectives on Recent Viking Age Finds in Þegjandadalur North Iceland

By Brenda Prehal

[Snip] Despite its modern popularity, the domestic cat has been overlooked as a valuable tool in symbolic and interpretive understandings of the Viking Age. The cat’s importance in some cultures, such as Ancient Egypt, is abundantly clear, but since they rarely appear . . . → Read More: Freyja’s Cats

Making Time for Druidry

By Nimue Brown

In many ways, the aim of Druidry is not to have some floaty, robe wearing alternative existence that takes you away from real life, but to bring Druidry into your day to day existence. The spiritual life has the potential to transform what may otherwise seem banal and mundane, into activity rich . . . → Read More: Making Time for Druidry

Africa's Ant Riders

By Bronwyn Katzke

Astride his ‘[steed]’ he majestically sits; chest puffed, shoulders back and head held proud. He is of the Abatwa and he would look down on you even though his ‘stead’ is an ant and his height is matched with that of a fat pea. Some would group him with the realm of . . . → Read More: Africa’s Ant Riders

Questioning Loki, Part One

By Karl E. H. Seigfried

[Snip] “Is Loki the god of mischief or the god of fire?”

Neither, really. Loki is not referred to by either of these titles in the source texts of Norse mythology. Rudolf Simek calls him “a god without a function,” and all the major scholars of Norse mythology and religion . . . → Read More: Questioning Loki, Part One

Hearing the Voice of Spirit

By Nimue Brown

Hearing your own voice, your own spirit, is absolutely key to being able to think clearly and to engage with the world. Modern life readily fills the head with noise and clutter. We create environments that barrage us with overloads of information, noise, people, activity and all of it making demands on . . . → Read More: Hearing the Voice of Spirit

An Introduction to Natural Skin Care

By Hélène Berton

My first contact with natural cosmetics was during a course on essential oils, more than ten years ago. Though it was about the therapeutic uses of essential oils, some words were said about some of oils that are beneficial for the skin.

I made my first trial with a mix of . . . → Read More: An Introduction to Natural Skin Care