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Festivities of Natural Annual Events: Midway Equinox & Solstice

By Rua Lupa

What is Seasonally Occurring

During the transition between the Equinox & Solstice the earth is angling it’s northern hemisphere toward the sun. In Borealis the days are longer seeing the earth’s daily turning view of the sun higher and higher north; and for Australis the nights are longer with the daily turning view of the sun lower along the north horizon.

Within the Borealis Polus Axis it is 24hrs of daylight and getting milder, and within the Australis polus Axis it is 24hrs of night and getting colder.

South of the Borealis Polus Axis, with the exception of southern and western Europe, spring is finally in full effect with the first flowers of season springing up, planting is done in the gardens and fields, the watercourses and bodies are open, some species of reptiles are migrating, frogs are starting to be heard, birds are displaying and nesting their eggs, hibernating species are coming out, and when the gestation period for many species are nearing its end or the next generation is arriving.

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