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Running from the Word Pagan

By Jason Mankey

Yesterday on Google Plus someone posted a few paragraphs announcing their decision to abandon the moniker of “Pagan.” Lots of discussion ensued, and since then I’ve seen those paragraphs linked to a number of times on my Facebook feed. I’m still not convinced that a lot of what goes on in the Pagan Blogosphere trickles down (and that trickling does include online communities), but this apparently caught the attention of some folks.

[Snip] I’ll grant you that Pagan is not a great word. It has all sorts of definitions. It’s an adjective and a noun, and comes with some rather negative connotations. It’s a word we use to compartmentalize a rather large and diverse religious population. I’ll be the first to admit that it comes with problems. However, we’ve kind of decided certain things about it. If you are a polytheist worshipping Western or Middle Eastern deities and hanging out with people who call themselves Pagan, well you really can’t run away from the word.

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