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Via Deorum

By John Beckett

[Snip] The thing that I am advocating for us all to do is to rebuild the cult of the gods. All of them. All of them we know. For every person who has a direct connection with a or many deities to rebuilt their cult, establish it again in the world, continue the process of making offerings, and create rites that introduce people to that deity. They’re real, they’re powerful, but we need to recreate their way.

That concept greatly resonates with my own feelings. This is what Morpheus Ravenna is doing for Morrigan. This is what the folks who contributed to Hoofprints in the Wildwood are doing for Cernunnos. This is what Denton CUUPS did for Morrigan, Cernunnos and Danu at our Winter Solstice circle.

As I listened live at the conference, I wrote down five notes.

“Rebuild the cult of the gods.” There are millions of people in our culture who are dissatisfied with mainstream religion. Some of them have been hurt by religious extremists. Some can’t believe what they’re told they have to believe. Some think the god of Abraham isn’t worthy of worship. Many of these folks would be Pagans if they knew polytheism and the gods of Nature were serious options.

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