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The Magick of Significators

By Christiana Gaudet

[Snip] Many tarot spreads have a significator position. The card that randomly falls into this position describes who the querent is at the moment of the reading. This can be very helpful information in a reading.

Significators have an important place in tarot magick, too.

Most tarotists have a card they identify as their significator. It may be a Court Card, but it might also be a card from either the Major or Minor Arcana. In this case a significator card is one that will always represent that individual. For instance, my significator is the Queen of Wands. When I am reading for myself and this card shows up it has very special meaning for me. It tells me to pay attention. It tells me that I am on my path. It tells me to be aware of my own specific tendencies. It tells me that I am genuine and authentic in my actions.

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