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Ouija Board

By Zeo Frost

Ouija boards are used to conduct what is commonly known as a séance. Its sole purpose is to contact people who have passed on to the other side and sometimes even your Spirit Guides. This does of course become too technical when one thinks of the Collective Consciousness and the souls that are incarnated into life yet remains part of the Consciousness The one Serious question that then begs to be asked is “Could you contact yourself, from a previous life, through the Ouija board?” I cannot comment on this as I have not had such an experience but the belief is that, yes you can. Although there is no conclusive evidence to show that Spirit communication is actually being achieved, this is the object of using an Ouija Board.

The name OUIJA is pronounced as WEE-JA. The meaning of the word OUIJA is a combination of the French and German words for “yes”.The more common Ouija board usually consists of the entire alphabet, the words yes, no, goodbye and a pointer known as the “planchette”. Other boards sometimes contain more detail including colours, star signs and other information. It does not matter what any Ouija Board contains on it, what matters is making it work.

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