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Three Ways to Find an Animal Totem

By Lupa

Any animal species that has ever existed has a totem. (The same goes for plants, fungi, and the like, but we’ll stick to the critters here.) Even better, we’re not limited to working with just one totem. People often ask me, “How do I find my animal totem?,” to which the response may be, “Well, which one?” Mind you, I’m not talking about a set number of totems. In my experience, we don’t all have a template that we have to fill up with our own totemic menagerie. The nature and number of totemic relationships we have are unique to each of us.

The most common way people find animal totems is through guided meditation. This usually involves traveling a path or down a tunnel that comes out into a place where you can meet your totem. (One example may be found here.) The benefits of this method are that you have enough structure to get you into a meditative state of mind, while having enough freedom to allow whatever totem wants to meet you to show up.

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