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By Peter Beckley

[Snip] There is an often overlooked component to Paganism, it’s propagation, and the fostering of a tolerant environment in which it can, in its many forms, be fostered and actively encouraged to grow and flourish. That part isn’t the expected tolerance from others, it’s not the guaranteed, yet often unrealized, equality and freedom for those who have ‘alternative’ spiritual paths. It’s something closer to home.

It’s you.

You determine the direction Paganism takes. You have far more power and control over this than you realize, and it’s a shame because until you realize that you have that power, and that this power must be used correctly and carefully, Paganism will never be accepted in the mainstream as a “given”. There aren’t enough “Big-Nosed Pagans” to take Paganism to where it really wants to be, and that is on equal footing with larger spiritual paths. To be sure, most Pagans don’t want the circumstances that got those others there, and there is plenty of trepidation over this entire issue because with prominence comes responsibility. We’ve all seen how crazy the “fringe” elements of large religions appears, and it’s no different with “Paganism”.

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