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Making Light: OMGs! Cultural Appropriation!

By Sunweaver

I’ve been celebrating Passover for fourteen years now and I’ve been a Pagan for… (does math) almost sixteen years. I’ve written about it before, but I wanted to poke at this topic again in a different context, namely the idea of cultural appropriation as it relates to blending Jewish and Hellenic practice.

At first, I was supporting and participating in that thing my friend Sophia does. She has her own reasons for hosting, I have my reasons for going every year, and the thirty or so Pagans that show up have their own reasons for going. Much of that I’ve already covered. Pesach has become an integral part of our local community practice, but does that mean we are a bunch of cultural appropriators who appropriate all willy-nilly? Deep down, in the sub-cockles of my heart, I really don’t think so. Here’s why:

I’m no more a Jew than I am a Greek.

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