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Been There, Done That. . .

By Morgause Fonteleve

[Snip] In the past few weeks we’ve considered the concept that through the ages the Church viewed witchcraft as a heretical belief, in which those who had rebelled against God had made a pact with his adversary and had to be punished with death. Today some fanatical members of various religious institutions still call Witchcraft the religion of wickedness claiming that the very same evils of yore and worse even threaten God-fearing Society from the world of Shadows. But can we say that crime is related to religion? And what about prejudice? Is religious persecution strictly a “fact” between Christianity and the various Pagan Spiritual Paths?

In 1584 Reginald Scot wrote “that fewer or none (nowadaise) with patience indure the hand and correction of God. For if any adversite, greef, sicknesse, losse of children, corne, cattell or libertie happen unto them; by and by they exclaime uppon witches.”

As far back as we go, scapegoating, malicious false accusations and the attribution of general misfortunes to witchcraft became part of political campaigns throughout history and have been used in every possible manner of agendas to further personal interests at the cost of others or to justify the continued persecution of.

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