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Drawing Down the Moon (Part Two)

By Jason Mankey

[Snip] During Wiccan-style ritual Pagans interact with deity in several different ways. The simplest of those interactions is calling to deity. A call to deity is exactly what it sounds like, deity is invited into the circle to witness and perhaps guard the ritual. I usually think of this as deity standing on the edge of my circle, mostly observing the proceedings. When someone simply “calls” deity, deity usually doesn’t become an extremely active part of the rite.

I experience this type of interaction with deity a lot at large public rituals, and it’s usually completely intentional. Drawing down a god or goddess in front of 100 strangers isn’t for everybody, and probably not advisable when you find yourself doing ritual in a public place. Calling deity honors the gods, but limits interaction with them, and again, that’s not always bad. If you are doing a Beltane ritual in a public park you probably don’t want Pan influencing your guests too much.

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