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By Louise Harmon

[Snip] Mugwort is well known for its magickal properties. Added to a dream pillow with other herbs such as Hops and Lavender, Mugwort can enhance prophetic dreaming and astral projection. An infusion of Mugwort is often used to wash crystal balls and other divination tools. It can be added to fluid condensers: complex mixtures which include gold flakes or tincture of gold that help attract and hold energies. A small pillow stuffed with Mugwort is an excellent cushion on which to rest your crystal ball. Mugwort can be used as a smudge to clear energies and consecrate space. A bundle can be hung in the home or the dried herb can added to a medicine bag for protection. Mugwort -infused oil is quite lovely to use to anoint the Third Eye before any magickal undertakings.

Traditionally, Mugwort has been used in the beer brewing process, as a beverage used in place of tea or added as a flavoring to meat and fish. In Japan, it is added to a special type of mochi (rice cake) served at the Doll Festival in March.

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