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Does Terpsichore Tapdance?

By Barbara Ardinger

[Snip] The Muses are the daughters of Mnemosyne, Memory, and were raised on Mount Olympus. I still remember visiting a nice mainstream metaphysical church where one of the members was introducing the speaker. This member kept referring to “MEEnosyne.” Who is that? I kept asking myself, and when the speaker mentioned the Muses, I finally figured it out. Memory’s name is pronounced Neh-MOS-uh-nee. As I wrote in January, 2012 it’s really not wise to insult the divine eardums. I later took the member aside and gave her a lesson in pronunciation, though I could hardly blame her. That “Mnem” will cross your eyes and trip up your tongue.

Goddesses of art and inspiration, the Muses gave their name to our museums, where they are (or should be) worshipped. I feel a special devotion to them. I love history, and though my degrees are all in English, by now I’ve read enough history to have earned at least a bachelor’s degree in the subject. I read the whole Will Durant series, I’ve always got something historical in the pile of books on the other end of the couch, when authors whose books I edit make historical errors, I know enough to correct them. Hooray for Clio and long may she live!

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