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Another Look at Entities

By Edouard Horn

[Snip] I recently had a discussion with a student of meditation on entities, the type of discussion where you know that you cannot push too far on the topic. Meditators and entities usually don’t mix. I realised that most of humanity’s spiritual allies are being ignored because they are misunderstood and feared. Dogma makes us fear them. It brought to mind the following: some of the best, most brilliant and funniest people I know are misunderstood individuals. My mind created this automatic parallel as though I was trying to make myself understand the sad truth: we are helped daily by beings that we do not acknowledge.

We talked about angels of course, most people are of the opinion that they are the only useful beings around. The understanding that we have of angels in the West mostly stems from the influences of Abrahamism. We are so influenced by it that even atheists are Abrahamists in denial.

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