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At the Crossroads

Reviewed in Living Traditions magazine

[Snip] The concept of the crossroads is pregnant with meaning; in traditional cultures the boundaries of a culture marked the line between safety and danger, outside the boundary was where witches, sorcerers, trolls and wild spirits lived;it was the world of the untamed. Where two boundaries crossed creating a crossroads this was considered a place of immense power and danger, prisoners and criminals were hung at the crossroads and it was considered the location for evoking the devil himself during the medieval period. In pre-Christian times where leylines crossed was a major point of power and such connections covered the whole of England and can also found in many other countries.

At the same time at the interface of cultures is the crossroads where creativity looms. There is so many exciting developments at that nebulous line where one culture meets and intermingles from another, whether we consider Mithraism or Gnosticism or even the hybrid cunning traditions which resulted from Christian and Pagan contact the results are challenging and significant. There is always a fine line between organic contact and syncretism, isolationism and appreciating where traditions touch, merge and create a living culture of magic and sorcery. These essays explore traditions at the crossroads and offer many traditions that we may not at first even consider.

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